Strange gray spaces in text copied from Konsole

Every time I copy and paste text from Konsole - the KDE default console tool - to LibreOffice Writer the text is full of gray block characters (areas, blocks, artifacts). Thy seems to represent space, or some other white-space, character. It all looks horrible, please see for yourself. What are they? How to get rid of them?

If they do represent some kind of space " " character, why some spaces ended normally and only some turned gray?

Notes: OS: Linux; Distribution: openSuse 15.1; Desktop: KDE; LibreOffice (with Gtk/Gnome integration)

No such issue on Windows; no gray spaces when copying test from putty or cmd to Writer.

Though I am not familiar with Konsole, the answer to this question might help you to understand what is happening.

When you encounter a strange character, put the cursor after it and press ˋAlt + xˋ to convert it to its hexadecimal code (pressing again converts back to the character). Then search the Web.


These are probably non-breaking spaces that are materialized in Writer in this way to differentiate them from spaces. This display can be disabled by ViewFields shading (Ctrl+F8).


Don’t disable the reminder view unless you’re ready to accept the consequences. Non-breaking spaces have different justification properties from ordinary spaces. With the view disabled, you won’t understand why certain paragraphs have strange formatting like uneven spacing between words.