Styles are updated automatically while I open Writer document

I have a LibreOffice Writer 7.5 odt file (~100 pages, 3Mb). It contains cross-citations, styles, toc, figures and tables with captions, ~1000 comments, etc.

Whenever I open the file the comments are displayed with a 1-5-10 sec lag.

When they are visible I can see that Undo button is active with at least 3 items about style formatting.
When I save the file (with these undo items) it gets a bit larger in 20-30Kb each time…

I converted the .odt document to .doc and the latter is 32Mb of size, while the forme – 3Mb.

What’s wrong ?

It looks like a bug.

Please download one of Andrew Pitonyak’s free macro books (V3.0 or V4.0).
Try to open them. (Any part of my tip is not related to the macros, only to the huge size document.)
These documents was created in the AOO or in the LO. They have contain lots of images, drawing objects, tables, hyperlinks, bookmarks, some frames, TOC, macro codes (but they have not contain Comments); and the size of the files about 7-8 MiB.
These files works for me in my LO 6.4.7 and LO 7.4.4 portable fine.

Now, I can’t edit my question.

So I write here:
now I can’t open the file: it stacks and
I can see the the cursor is in the low footer next to the {page} field (and it its on page 80).
Moreover, I can see “Page 1 of 121” despite I have 99-101 pages.
(I also can see “41,912 words 267,286 characters”.)

After some time I can see “Page 99 of 99”.

When I forcely close the File I can see:
[Window Title]

[Main Instruction]
LibreOffice is not responding

Hang on while Windows reports the problem to Microsoft…


In the file directory I can see lu76842yeg2.tmp empty file afterwards.