Sumif using multiple partial matches

Hi All,

Coming from a low-medium skill level with Excel, trying to get my head around the differences with LibreOffice Version: (please be gentle).

Likely a better way of doing this, however I have been maintaining a basic income/expense spreadsheet where I take ledger style dumps from multiple sources and then use an array containing key words/phrases to categorize entries. Structure of the formula in Excel is as follows;


Essentially any entry with a description containing Transport of Courier would have the dollar amount of that entry added to the Transit costs category in my main sheet.

Have tried this in LibreOffice and I cannot seem to get it to work. I read something about Arrays not being able to be nested. If this is the case, what would be the best way to sum the numbers in one column when a partial match on multiple criteria is found in another column?

Really appreciate the assistance.

"Transport of Courier " - I assume in my answer that “Transport or Courier” was intended.

The criterion can be a regular expression, as explained in the SUMIF help page. There is no need for arrays or two functions.



  • A2:A5 is the criterion range
  • .* means match any character zero or more times
  • | means match the first or the second expression
  • B2:B5 is the sum range

Thanks for this, works a treat. Just had to change the default of allowing wildcards to allow regular expressions.

Glad it helped. Please mark the answer correct, as explained under guidelines for asking.