Symbols change and appears but when i export to PDF disappears

Since the version in the calc “sheet” symbols like: hyperlink :link:, zodiac now appears in colors (automatically) ♀ like the previous one, appears in calc but when i export to PDF doesn’t appear.

Please, help

Dont’t post twice. You confuse people who won’t know on which post to answer. I hope to have closed the other occurrence before anybody could read it, but this is not guaranteed.

Your question looks similar to this one. It may be related to a font update, not to LO’s. To clarify the issue, edit your question (don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions) to mention your OS and the font used for symbols.

this “forum” is not easy to find answered questions. if the thing is duplicated, answer the thing if you care. if you don’t, then don’t answer.

The hyperlink under “this one” in my previous comment will lead you to the other question. As you can see, it is still pending.

Yes, it is not easy to find related matters because this site doesn’t impose a formal standardised vocabulary. Everybody comes with his own knowledge and mastering of English which makes even more difficult to understand the question. Add to that that contributors are not developers but mere enthusiastic users eager to share their tricks with the application. This explains why answers may seem erratic. We don’t know LO internals and propose matter-of-fact workarounds which can be defeated by the next update.