Table moving to next page when there is still room beneath it?

Hello, I have been trying to move a table down on the page it’s on in order to fit another small table above it on the same page, however I find that whenever I try to move it downward it simply jumps to the next page.
This is despite the fact that that Spacing settings in Table section of Table Properties are set to zero, so aren’t affecting it/making it effectively require more room on the page.
There is also plenty of room before the bottom page margin for it to move to, and no page breaks are set.

Any ideas? Thanks.

How do you “move” your table? Is it inside a frame?

I have the same problem. The bottom half of page 1 is blank, and the 6-line table insists on being on page 2.
In answer to the comment by ajlittoz, I just inserted the table into my writer document from Click: table/ Click: insert table. But since then I have fiddled with the table formatting, etc and now it’s stuck on page 2. I’m not sure what I did to make it like this.
It feels like it is a problem with sections, but I can’t find a way to solve it.
Any help greatly appreciated!

Trying to answer both to @appreciatethehelp and @ferguspearson

A table is indeed an object but it does not behave like a frame. It has no explicit anchor point. Consequently, you can’t change its position like you would on frame to position it where you like in the page.

A table participate in text flow where it has bee inserted, i.e. between two paragraphs. Even if it narrower than page width, its “text flow bounding box” extends from margin to margin. It freezes this area for its exclusive use (hence, it is impossible to format two tables side by side unless you trick Writer with frames containing the tables).

What may have happened with your efforts is you activated a page break before the table. Right-click in the table and Table Properties. Go to Text Flow tab and see if Break is checked.

If this is not the case, attach a sample document to question (you can’t do it on a comment).

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Thank you so much ajlittoz - this sorted my problem out. I thought I’d tried everything but I missed this obvious solution. And your explanation has also helped me to understand tables in Writer.
(By the way, I wasn’t allowed to tick the ‘answered’ button, maybe because I hadn’t asked the original question)

And you can’t upvote because your karma is too low. I hope @appreciatethehelp will get the notification and do it if it also solves his problem.