Table of Contents has an extra entry before my first section in my document, how do I remove it?

The table of contents in my dissertation file has an extra entry before my first section. why is that there? I can’t find any way to remove it.

Any help would be much appreciated! Here’s a screenshot. Please do tell me if there’s any further details I need to give?

I can not see the screenshot image. Please upload it here.

Your question does not contain any beginning of a shadow of any useful information. You didn’t even mention your LO version and OS name.

You don’t describe your work flow (how you use Writer).

Entries in TOC are collected from paragraphs styled with Heading n family. If you have an extra entry, then the corresponding paragraph has been styled with some Heading n.

Screenshots are in general useless. They can have a limited value if you enable View>Formatting Marks but this doesn’t tell the full story (a lot of formatting information is not shown). The best thing you can do is attach your file.

Don’t start a conversation. Instead, edit your question to provide factual data and attach the file.

I clicked on your link the day you posted it and it went to an advertisement so I ignored your question as potential spam. If you want to post a picture or a file use the plate with up-pointing arrow icon with tooltip Upload at the top of the edit pane.
Without being able to see your screenshot (if it really isn’t spam) I would say that you have one of the following:

  • An empty paragraph formatted as Heading (most likely)
  • A heading in a frame which appears at the top of the list in Navigator and at the top in PDF bookmarks for exported pdfs. It appears in page order in TOC however
  • A Heading in a Header or Footer which also appears at the top of the list in Navigator and at the top in PDF bookmarks for exported pdfs. It appears in page order in TOC however

Cheers, Al

I cannot seem to find an edit option anywhere, I’m sorry. This sounds rally silly to ask, but where is it located?

EDIT: there doesn’t appear to be any edit icon under the top post, like there is with this comment.

EDIT 2: Maybe I have just missed the edit window. Should I create a new topic instead?

New Question ! :

Mouse over the three dots icon below the post to read show more. Click it and find some extra buttons, one a pencil, to edit your post.

The three dots are just not visible.

EDIT here’s a screenshot of the topic as it appears to me.

Now maybe I’m just blind. Or maybe, the three dots and the pencil don’t exist under the post. If it’s the former, please do show me where they are on that image.

See screenshot, bottom right. (I still have to find a tool that allows me to edit screenshots in Linux. :frowning: )

You aren’t blind, your browser doesn’t display the dots button. The question is, why?

it shows them on the comments and on the other topic too, just not this one.

EDIT I’ve checked with both the mobile version and the desktop version of Google Chrome. I will try Firefox as well, but seeing as both run on the same shell currently, I don’t think there will be any difference.

EDIT 2 Just confirmed, Firefox doesn’t show it either.

There is probably a problem with your theme. The screen capture for your question shows:

This is Firefox under Linux, KDE Plasma desktop, Fedora Thirty-Four theme (which seems to be a variant of Breeze). On the screen shot, you see comment and solution icons are labelled with their name (Comment and Suggest a solution).

You only have Bookmark and Link (from right to left) where I have Link, More (3-dots icon) and “Like”.

Looking at understanding-discourse-trust-levels/ and considering you are at Basic trust level, it may be possible that you need to be at Member trust level to be able to edit your own posts beyond 24 hours.

If this is the reason, this should be corrected by this site maintainers as there are many good reasons to encourage new users to edit their own posts.


From that ‘Discourse Levels’ Blog Post, an user has to be at least Trust Level 2 in order to be able to edit ones posts past 24 hours post-posting, but even they have a limit of 30 days. I’ll need to work on my trust level until I gain another level, or have a forum operator or equivalent edit this post.

EDIT: It’s also not clear whether the requirements are all compulsory or if I just have to get a sufficient subset of them. Probably the former, in which case it will be quite some time before I can gain that level, I do not have a strong precedent of getting likes on forum posts. It’s not something I’m proud of.

I personally find the change from AskBot engine to Discourse engine is not that positive. It was first motivated by better maintenance and development effort on Discourse (AskBot seems to be an individual development).

Notably, privilege acquisition based on difficult-to-get trust levels is weaker than the point system (karma points) in Discourse. Already some “functions” have been downgraded (like upload possibility) because they are needed always. It seems there are other unexpected shortseeings in here: the owner of a post should be able to edit without restriction.

IMO, Discourse might not be the best choice. It fits well for forums, but here we try to promote the notion of questions & answers with sometimes comments. The UI does not distinguish visually enough the difference between answer and comment. The shortcoming above pushes users into "conversation mode leading to too lengthy posts (they are now frequently over a page long which means we have to read (chronologically) all the replies before getting to the point. The TL;DR (too long, don’t read) syndrome is not far away!

I also find there is no improvement in the search feature (and it may be even worse paradoxically, knowing how poor it was under AskBot).

Upvotes and likes are badly used. Perhaps that’s the effect of social networks. Solutions should be upvoted instead of liked (but perhaps, once again, trust levels limit this) so that they sort correctly “by relevance”. Since answers are not upvoted (and questions can’t!), they are not “correctly” presented in search. By “correctly”, I mean answers generally approved by the community through upvotes (and not likes).

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