table of contents is (unnecessary) split over 2 pages

My table of contents “Overzicht” in Dutch has only 3 entries (just up to level 1). Although the table is split after the first entry (after saving to Word or even Libre Office, closing and re-opening). In the style I keep the paragraphs together. Just above is a picture, anchored to the page. I put a page-break after the table, so I see an entire blank page (except the 2 lines of the table). What can I do more?

Difficult to tell from a simple screenshot. The problem may be in the style definition or in the headings themselves. Can you upload a small version of the file? Replace text content with a single paragraph with a single line between headings. Make sure this “simplification” keeps the issue. Attach the file to your question by editing it. Don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions.

PS: centering the header line with spaces is a very bad idea. Headers are styled with Header paragraph style. It comes with a centering tab at mid-width and a right-justifying tab at right. Consequently, a tab, followed by your header, then a tab and page number field will format more easily the header. And when you change it, you don’t need to add or remove spaces to keep the title centered.