Table with inner tables causes crash when CTRL+A


It seems, I found a bug. I made a table (the outer one). It is needed only for decoration.
The outer table contains two inner tables in its columns.
I wanted to auto-resize the outer table’s columns, so the separation line moved left. When I put cursor in the place, where is the red line now, and clicked CTRL+A Writer crashed. It happened again, after I restarted Writer and made the same actions.


P.S. It may be no bug, probably I’ve done something wrong. I am still not a very advanced Writer user.

P.P.S. OS: Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon (6.0.4). LO: (X86_64). Save format is ODT. The file has been modified a little, but still can be crashed. The file: Сводка по практическим.odt (53.0 KB)

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Mention OS name, LO version and save format. For best analysis, attach a sample file.

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With LibO under Win 10:
No abnormalities with the example when using Ctrl+A.

Interesting. I can provide a recording, if useful.

Repro - and every crash is a bug, there is never “I’ve done something wrong” that may legitimately lead to a crash. Every such case must result in a bug report.



The paragraphs below the nested tables only show situationally. Weird.

Why? Seems convenient and unobtrusive to allow one to easily continue adding content after the table in a cell.

Repro under Fedora 40, KDE Plasma desktop (Qt based), LO

Testing with sample file (and new one) also crashes with:
Version: (x86) / LibreOffice Community

Testing with sample file (not with new one) also crashes with:
Version: (x86) / LibreOffice Community

Why the pilcrow of the outer table is hidden when the cursor is in the inner table?

Because that’s how we can get a “table in table without a paragraph”.

What is the reason to test if and how does that crash, when it’s already fixed?

Thanks for explaining.

Another reason is: tables have no explicit anchor point, i.e. you can’t choose between To paragraph, To character, … They are inserted at a certain position in the flow but you can’t change or customise it afterwards.

A cell is a full-fledge sub-document. Consequently it can contain anything, including another table which will be limited to cell width.