Task automation question (possibly function/logic)


I would like to automate a process.

In one column I have cells with words, some contain brand names, some don’t.
In the second column I need to write ‘Brand’ in every cell next to the one that has a brand name in it.
I have a list of brands that appear in my document.

Do I understand correctly that I will be able to do it with a function? Or do I need different approach?

Below you will find sample from my document

D6 and D8 contain a brand name, I would need to have a word ‘brand’ in the cell next to them

EDIT: of course I will add them, thank you! brand question.ods


Yes, you understand correctly - you need a formula with several functions. Unfortunately, in your example there is only “tefal” - as far as I understand, you have a whole list of brands that need to be tagged? How do you store this list of brands, where in your spreadsheet? If you edit your question and attach a sample data with a list of brands, it will be much easier for us to help you.

Thank you very much!

You will need the =LOWER(TEXTJOIN("|"; 1; <ListOfBrands>)) function to combine all the famous brands into one search string. And a formula like = IFERROR(UPPER(REGEX(D3;<SearchString>)); "") to enter the brand name in the desired cell. See an example solution - brand answer.ods