Template changer can't preselect LO folder (imported folders)

LO 7.6 for Linux
working with .odt, .ott

If to use Template Changer Writer extension in following way:
menu File > Templates > Change Template (current document...) > set template as well as preselect LibreOffice folder (imported templates) > a click on OK


T.C. answers with “Preselecting the LibreOffice template directory doesn’t always work. Please select the repository /home/myself/Templates/missionJ by yourself”.

  1. I wonder if I should worry about this message.
  2. I wonder if this is the standard way of T.C. to react on request of kind as above
  3. If not T.C.'s standard answer I wonder if it can have something in common with Actually what is current status of template - child document inheritance?

‘/home/myself/Templates/missionJ’ is listed under menu Options > LibreOffice > Paths > Templates.
Templates path variable is comprised of two entries: the above one as well as template directory in user home as it had been set up once by LO installer.

if preselLibO then      'preselect LibO folder for templates
        pathSettings = GetDefaultContext().getByName( "/singletons/com.sun.star.util.thePathSettings" )
        dim s as string, s2 as string
        s = pathSettings.Template_writable
        filePicker.DisplayDirectory = s
        s2 = filePicker.getDisplayDirectory
        if s <> s2 then
                msgboxDTC(getL10nText(42, array(convertFromUrl (s))))   'problem preselecting directory of imported templates
        end if
  else  'no preselect, system will probably propose last selection
end if

Please? What is on right side of comparison?

I guess … true :angel:

some background details here if needed : If...Then...Else Statement
Just to say, the extension is not huge, so you can navigate in the .xba zipped in the .oxt file.
maybe also revive the feedback directly there : org.office.WeydtGerhard.TemplateChanger