Actually what is current status of template - child document inheritance?

LO 7.5.9 for Linux in use
convinced and committed to follow style-based writing
master + sub-documents usage also in desire

I am convinced to use styles and to refrain from doing direct formatting, both as far as possible. I committed to myself to start, continue and complete current writing this fashion. It is due to recommendations found to use styles. With same frequency one encounters also the recommendation to use document template for management of styles.

Then a day came when that happened
Yet I have no idea what does this practically mean for my ongoing writing. Since identification of an issue as in that discussion I work on .odt level instead of .ott yet maintain my styles in parallel on both levels - this is however high effort. Means template and document(s) are synced manually. I do it in the hope the connection template to document works soon again, anyhow no idea when that “soon” will be.

What is current status of functionality connecting template with document for distribution of custom styles actually?

Can you please summarize the problem you are having in two/three sentences. Thank you.

What is current status of functionality connecting template with document for distribution of custom styles actually?

Is there a bug report on Bugzilla?

Thanks for your question.
Template gets modified > subsequent reopening of child document doesn’t result in prompt this kind: Template has been updated, do you want to take over modifications made?

I am aware of only that what was said in linked discussion. Unaware of any bug report to be existing, however I may be wrong on this.

There is a precisely defined procedure.
You have created a document xy with your styles and saved it as document template A1 via the document template management.
You open a document in LibreOffice Writer from A1 via the File > New menu.
You enter text and save this document-abc.
You open a document in LibreOffice Writer from A1 via the File > New menu.
You change the document with styles and save it again via the document template management as document template A1.
If you now open document-abc, the message should appear.

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Thank you for information. Is my understanding right - procedure presented to be a workaround (due to some current issues, LO 7.5.9, eventually more versions) for maintaining styles in template in order those to propagate successfully to child documents?

No, this is the procedure that has always been valid.
How else is Writer supposed to know which document template you have changed if you do not use document template management?

Have you not read or consulted the manuals?

Writer Guide 7.5 presents procedure which is more straight forward and costs less effort. Chapter 10 “Editing a template” - one doesn’t need 3rd document and additional steps.
This is the method which me aims to follow so far, but which isn’t actually effective - at least as for my writing setup - see my link in OP.

Your procedure is highly valuable because it helps to have working template-document linking in my current situation. However in the light as above I see it as a workaround as it costs more work.

Who said myself was not using template management. I do yet did.

Procedure you kindly present was tested by myself recent minute. Unfortunately same results as in original case. Update prompt doesn’t occur.

This is how me did it: menu File > Templates > Save as Template… > Enter Template Name… had to type it manually as the file save/open dialog is not available here. Anyhow have typed same template name as that one which should be overwritten. Template overwrite warning pop-up comes, user confirms YES. Document closing and opening. Prompt not coming. LO 7.5.9 for Linux.

In this case, there is no difference between the document and the document template.

Good hint! Thanks.
Hence, one test more, this time it was ensured myself modifies one style and the child document is using this style (Heading 10). Procedure repeated. Same result.
However I see behind scene what’s going on. Although saving style modifications from temporary document to template was conducted with typing the name of existing template and Writer has found template to already exist and was asking user if to overwrite it, and user answered Yes Please do It. Writer has in the end saved it to slick new template. It added just one digit as suffix to template name.

In short I can’t reproduce your procedure. Eventually my conducting of procedure deviates from how you do.

By the way, the temporary document which is created just to modify one style in template exists only in memory, no saving to disk as myself doesn’t need to have stored it on disk. No idea if this matters here.

I fully expect that to break link to template for existing documents.

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@eighty2 there is an extension “Template Changer” with which you can re-establish a connection to the document template.

I only try to carry out procedure which was here presented by @Hrbrgr.

No further details were provided regarding step of saving style modifications to existing template. Hence I do it the only way me could find, but oriented myself on provided procedure description:

Cause myself doesn’t classify File > Save as… > ODF Text Document Template (.ott) as to be template management (see @Hrbrgr procedure above for more details) I don’t use it while applying his/her procedure. I only find menu File > Templates > Save as Template… > Enter Template Name… to be template management fashion.

For @Hrbrgr it apparently worked otherwise he/she would haven’t made his/her proposal. However in my case that procedure doesn’t work at all - no idea why! Storing style modification to template the proposed way generates quite different results. Nor the procedure helps to resolve original problem.

TemplateChanger has been in use for a long time. It doesn’t help - hence the reason must be different area. Should the connection be broken why had @ajlittoz reported on Feb. the 9th what she/he had written the comment referred in OP? In @ajlittoz’s mind quite different issue as of that point of time, further details in comment the OP here refers to.

Style modification in template then transferring it to child document works for my document neither in the straight forward way (Writer Guide text mentioned previously) nor in the way presented by @Hrbrgr. Something must be going on.

To be on safe side I decided prior the start of my current writing to stay far from bleeding edge - that’s the reason why I use 7.5.9 but no later. It doesn’t help at all. The use of LO-Writer turns in the case here to be a hell. It doesn’t suffice to learn what are possible mistakes, then try to avoid those. The use is still a hurdling.

Unfortunately proceeding this way produced terrible results in case of my document currently under writing works - I have no idea why it doesn’t work here at all. Above steps have overwritten template but only at level of template management template naming. Under hoods it created new template file with file name as the original one, added short suffix to file name and created a link document to new template file without informing me. I want to have my own original state, thus removed that strange yet crazy template file. Subsequently template management doesn’t find template when new document is going to be created based on this template. I see my experience made in my own environment locally to be in-line with @EarnestAl’s opinion

Anybody who currently uses LO 7.5 or 7.6 for Linux along with doing style maintenance in document template and consumption of styles modifications in child documents with success?
Anybody who currently uses LO 7.5 or 7.6 does it on different operating system than Linux?

So it also works for me via the way
File > Templates > Edit Template

If this does not work for you, you should try resetting your user profile.

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There could still be a fundamental problem.
Check in the Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths menu whether you have set the correct path for you.

I only examine the paths for templates and I find the stuff to be like I expect it to be:

  • one path provided by Writer

  • two paths added by user; one among both is set to default template path - user templates .ott are stored to file system under that path; another path added by user for test purposes

In the particular case here it is not a problem of modifying template itself. Rather, the problem is for child documents to not run onto the prompt template-was-modified. This way user gets no chance to transport style modifications from template to child documents in the straight-forward fashion.

I will check the user profile reset, however I see from wiki it is a fair portion of effort, inclusively getting familiarized with major questions.