The clipboard does not work correctly

Good time of the day everyone!
I videotaped the clipboard issue.


Everything is shown with the regional settings of the interface. I did not switch to English, so as not to “frighten off” the situation. The content of the Windows exchange is shown first. Then I paste in the Calc sheet. It can be seen that the content is pasted that does not match the clipboard. I have been seeing this problem for several years since I started using LibreOffice.
P.S. I do not use any additional software for the clipboard.

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: ca8fe7424262805f223b9a2334bc7181abbcbf5e
CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19045; UI render: Skia/Vulkan; VCL: win
Locale: ru-RU (ru_RU); UI: ru-RU
Calc: CL threaded

You had also posted that to The clipboard does not work correctly? Part 2, to be continued. And you never asked any question… what do you want to ask? This is not a site where bugs are reported; and even there, you should provide some reproduction steps, because the video is simply useless, not allowing anyone to repro and try to find what exactly is wrong in the code.

Hello! I’m sorry it happened. When I posted for the first time, I couldn’t find my post. I published a post for the second time, and also could not find my publication. Then, I decided that my publications… were lost. So, I made a new post. Is the video useless? Perhaps… But, it can be tedious to answer questions like “what did you do?”, “where did you click?” etc. And so, everything is clear. Also, I’m not exactly a master at posting bug reports, even in the designated places. And so, at least someone for whom it is important will pay attention. Sincerely, Frants.

Shrug. Last time, it was me who fixed a similar problem; indeed, it seems that it fixed not all the cases, but to know what case wasn’t covered, I would need to know how to repro. So - it was me to whom it could be “important”, and i did pay attention - by telling you how to do your report properly. But I will not pay attention anymore, because you surely know better what is enough to whom. Good luck.

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This situation is quite easy to reproduce. For example, I copied to the clipboard from one application, and pasted into Calc. After several repetitions, this situation happened.
Please forgive me if my actions offended you in any way. I didn’t have any malicious intent.
I am not a native English speaker and my post is a machine translation. Therefore, some words, phrases, expressions may be incorrect.
P.S. I’m not a very experienced user, so I can do something differently than it would be … right :).

If you have enabled Sync across devices in Windows Clipboard History then delays in transmission might give the problem that you see.

I never log on with a Microsoft account so the Sync settings are always disabled for me. For those that do use a Microsoft account, I believe Sync across devices is on by default; turn it off.

It could be worse if it syncs with a shared computer or mobile phone being used at the same time, see Seamlessly transfer content between your devices - Microsoft Support

Hi! I didn’t use a Microsoft account.

I am Russian :wink:, and seeing you use a Russian UI, you could also use if you prefer to write in Russian.

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Vot eto novost’! Krutyak! :slight_smile: