The wizard was interrupted before LibreOffice could be completely installed

Hello LibreOffice Team,

Cannot update LibreOffice with installer.

If I disable all components except

  • User Interface Languages
  • Optional Components/Dictionaries

I am getting “The wizard was interrupted before LibreOffice could be completely installed”

Screenshot-2024-05-02 222920_C__Soft_Office

Thank you!

It is not possible to install LibreOffice in parts only. LibreOffice is an office suite that can only be installed in its entirety.

Download LibreOffice - Feel free

LibreOffice - Installing under Windows 10 / 11

If you disable all components you don’t wish to update…
If you only wish to extract dictionaries, use not .msi but a .tar.gz version for linux and access this with an archiving software.
If you wish to add languages to your existing installation open the installer you used before and use user defined installation. It should show your current install as preset. Only change languages, then install.
To update do the same as above, but with a newer installer.

The screenshot from the OP indicates that it is Windows 11.

Thank you, Hrbrgr!
You are right - Windows 11.
I had to mention that.

But actually my theory was something else: A person who whishes to install no components of LO may only be intrested in dictionaries, wich are easier extracted from .tgz than from .msi, uf you have no special tools to analyse .msi

This would be a bug. In the installer, only the optional features are presented (the main components are hidden and pre-selected unconditionally); it should be possible to disable everything there, and have it installed correctly. Please create a bug report with details about your system (version / language / locale), specific installer package (full name of the MSI), and a log of the failed installation.

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Thank you, Mike!
Right understanding of the situation and exactly right recommendation, I was looked for.

But unfortunately, I did not find on time how to to turn on logging during installation, and
simply restarted my computer. It helped.

But will keep your suggestion for a next update.