Top menu bar stretched and wonky looking?

Everything in the top bar is stretched and weird looking, here’s a screenshot:

It’s been like this since version 3.5. At one point I just ignored it but I’ve been working on a huge project in the last couple of weeks and it’s been driving me up a wall. On Windows 7 64-bit.

Edit: Here’s a more complete screenshot:

Edit2: I should mention there’s tons of that stretched whitespace in everything, not just Writer.

Did you try to change some options in Option → Tools → and then LibreOffice → View… maybe if you change iconsize to small this will not happen. Also, there is option: scaling.

The padding around everything is still there. For the sake of completeness, here’s a screenshot of a complete new document:

This is really rare case of such behaviour; I’ve never seen something similar. Maybe you should write as much information as possible about your system and LibreOffice version (exact version) in order to find out possible cause of this behviour… can you try “portable” latest LibreOffice version, to see if there is any change? You just download it and run it directly from folder.

I’m not sure what other system information I can post. Windows 7 64-bit, AMD processor, AMD video cards. It’s the newest version of LibreOffice (although I also tried 4.0 and 3.5.6, I believe).

The portable version has the same issue.

Edit: I also attempted to remove everything LibreOffice-related and reinstall it all. Again, did nothing.

Take a look at these (interesting discussion, related to your problem). “This is happening due to using a custom Windows XP theme. I solved my problem by using a different theme”… I guess the same issue could be in Windows 7.

Good lord. IT IS FIXED. Disabling visual styles removes all the flavor of it, but it’s fine and is once again usable.

Great! :slight_smile: I am really happy that you solved it. I know how such things can irritate.

Great! :slight_smile: I am really happy that you solved it. I know how such things can irritate.

THANKS TO LJIJAN for his incredible patience and help in finding the answer and razon_22 for actually figuring out the issue. Here’s the fix:

"Also, try this (from the link at the previous comment): “As a workaround which doesn’t require you to discard the custom style, right click on each of the Libre Office components’ shortcut, choose “Properties”, go under the “Compatibility” tab and tick “Disable Visual Styles””

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Close LibreOffice. Go to your appdata directory: \AppData\Roaming\ Cut the LibreOffice folder and paste it in a temporary directory outside of the appdata folders. Don’t completely delete it. Start LibreOffice.

This should resolve your issue. If you would like further reading about toolbar issues resulting from migrations, see Toolbar icons messed up during migration 3.6.6 to 4.0.3

Nope, didn’t fix it. Still looks the exact same.

Have you tried to change toolbar themes and/or use large icons on the toolbar?

Neither of those affected the stretched menu or padding around the toolbars at all.

What version of LibreOffice are you using? Have you changed the Win7 theme from the default theme?

Actually… yes. I am using a custom Windows 7 theme. As far as I know it’s just visual without any actual changes otherwise. But I’m thinking that could be it.

Of course, changing it back would be a massive pain in the ass, so I can’t really confirm, I don’t think.

It is possible to save your custom theme, then switch back to the default and see if that fixes it.