trying to add form with multi-subform with pulldowns

I have a form which needs a subform. I would like something like the standard form view with the table subform giving me a one to many view, however one of the fields in the subform is a foreign key to yet another table, and I would rather look at names from that table than primary keys. Is there a way to embed a dropdown box or something, or perhaps is there a way to get one of the other subform configurations wich allows for dropdowns to be programmed to also duplicate and show many copies?

I am trying to do the same thing, have you had any luck? I posted a question yesterday before I saw yours. related question

You’re question is not clear enough for a concise answer. I also hope you are clear on what a subform is. It is not a separate document, but rather a secondary grouping on a Form. When creating a new form in Base, it contains one form (the Form contains a Form). You can add more forms to this Form or another form hierarchically below another form (subform). You may need multiple forms on a form because only one data source is allowed to a form. Please clarify your question.