Turn confirmations on and off for delete and paste

LibreOffice 24.2.2
Apple PowerBook Pro M1 silicon
Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1
Applies to all Calc spreadsheets with macros

Is there a way to turn off confirmations on delete, paste, etc for the purposes of running a macro that deletes, copies, and pastes cells and ranges? Bonus points if there is a way to turn delete, copy, past confirmations off and on in macros so that I can keep them on when using LibreOffice Calc and off to run the macros.

Reproducible steps;

  1. Create a macro that inserts or deletes a range or copies and pastes a range.
  2. Run the macro
  3. It will stop each time the insert, delete, or paste command comes up and request a confirmation.

I have researched the problem and while I found some indication that you can uncheck a setting (Show overwrite warning when pasting data) in Preferences / Calc / General that setting was already unchecked in my system, while the problem remained.

Your link to Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki leads to nowhere. I updated my question with the information suggested.

Steve Ediger

Founding Worker-Owner, ChiCommons LWCA


Does your macro use dispatcher code or is it coded to use API-functions. I’d think dispatch-code from recorded macros will show the same warnings as “manual” execution…