Two-key sequences

Has any thought been given to adding the ability, in Writer at least, to bindfunctions to two-key sequences? This paradigm originated with WordStar over 40 years ago, where, for instance, moving to the start of the line was done with Ctrl-Q S (or maybe it was Ctrl-Q Ctrl-S), and there were a host of other similar functions. Microsoft supports this in Word, Visual Studio, and VSCode. I still use an old copy of Codewright for code editing, which allows this. I expect there are others.

I still use Word 2003, the last version before the evil ribbon was invented. I’d like to switch to LibreOffice because it has some more modern features, but the lack of this specific capability would mean retraining my reflexes, which is a big burden. Even given the tendency of Writer to crash (at least when editing my old Word docs), I’d rather use Writer than Word if it had this feature.

If anyone is interested, I have a clear idea of how this could be implemented, given the current method of binding keys to functions.

  1. Asking here about such things would only tell you how many other users agree. Is this your intention? As this site’s “how to use” explains, feature requests are off-topic here.
  1. If you have a clear idea how to implement it, you are most definitely welcome to provide a patch, after you filed the respective feature request, where the implementation can be discussed further. LibreOffice project is built around “doers decide” paradigm.

If I had a spare year to learn my way around the code base (which is obviously enormous), maybe I would. But I don’t, so I can’t. (Thanks to everyone who does, by the way.)