Ugly look for boxes with rounded corners in LO 7.3 (debian, linux)

Just installed LO 7.3 (new computer, debian11, bullseye; from bullseye-backports, Open CL does not work).
All my presentation are looking very ugly - not all, but probably the majority of boxes (rectangle with rounded corners) have hitches or crumples (wrinkles).
I exported the presentation into a pdf document and these wrinkles are not there, but there, in the pdf, in the slide’s preview.
I can insert an new box in the presentation and that looks ok.
Astoundigly, if I move such an ungly box a little, the effect disappears.
It’s practically impossible to do this - I have countless of presentations like this with > 100 slides.
Should I downgrade to LO 7.0 (from the original repository)?
It has nothing to do with the files - everything is as expected, if I open them on the old computer with LO 6.1

…Open CL does not work.

What does that mean?

First steps

I just mentioned, what LO show me.
I do not know, what “Open CL” ist (a linux form of “Open GL”??) and if I or LO needs this.
BTW, Inkscape, for example, does not have a problem with corners.
Example (partial screenshot from the slide).

This Wikipedia page may help.

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Have you tried to change the settings for “Graphics Output”? That is in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View.

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