Unable to open odt file on a network share

hello, I have a problem with libreoffice when try to open an odt file on a network share.

Thi is the scenario:

Win 7 64bit

Win 2008 Enterprise

if I open the file from \ \ server \ folder \ namefile.odt

the file does not open

if I copy the file locally or on a network drive mapped, the file is opened correctly

Can anyone help me, thank you.

This is a common problem that’s come up with LO I have no idea if the workaround I found will work on a windows machine as I stopped using those years ago, but check out my answer here:

and follow the link at the bottom that I gave to where I found the workaround - if the workaround I found doesn’t work then that link may lead you to more information that will help you with your particular operating system.

Hope this helps, good luck!

the bug persists even with the prerelease, hopefully solve soon
is a really annoying bug