unable to open ppt powerpoint file

I am unable to open powerpoint ppt files. When I try it, I get a dialog box asking me to select encoding (UTF-8) and a font type and a language.

I know this is the same question/problem as this: Impress not able to open Microsoft Powerpoint file

The answer there was to use a newer version of LibreOffice, i.e. version 3.6. I am using version Version (Build ID: 360m1(Build:2)) on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit.

How can I tell LibreOffice to open the file with Impress?

Would upgrading to 3.6.6 or even 4.0.4 be a possible solution for you?

No, unfortunately not, because this is not my own computer.

I am lost with Unbutu, but I am sure one of the Unbutu specialist will look at your question now.

Where did the PPT originate from (e.g., MS Office 2003)? Does the file -bi command report “application/vnd.ms-office; charset=binary”? As indicated, support for PPT will be poorer with older versions of LO.