Unable to print 110x220 Document (DIN-long)

Observed in LO 6.2 running on macOS Mojave:

  1. Create new a Text Document in Writer
  2. Format Page… to: Width 11,00 cm, Height 22,00 cm
  3. enter some text in the new created document
  4. File → Print… dialog shows an A4 formatted page with lots of white space on the right side
  5. When trying to print, the document is sent to printer in A4 format

The Same issue occurs within the the envelope assistant (Insert/Envelope…). When 11,00 x 22,00cm is selected, the output sent to the printer is an A4 page instead.

Fun fact: Microsoft Word shows- and prints the page dimensions of the .odt file from LO correctly.

Is the printer an HP?