Unable to uninstall LibreOffice 2.4.1, says I need to be admin and I am admin?

I’d like to uninstall LibreOffice 2.4.1 in this computer and the uninstall program tell me that cannot proceed with the uninstall because it says I need to be administrator to do that, but, I AM ALREADY ADMINISTRATOR, so it is clear it is impossible to uninstall it.
How may I force the uninstall?

Do you mean “LibreOffice 4.2.1”?

Try to click the OK button in the window that appears. It might ask you for the password, enter it and you should be ok.

Since Vista even if you are logged in as Admin you still have only User rights. It’s a security thing. So many times this question pops up, even when starting some programs.

I recommend to read this thread: Uninstall version 3.5

It looks like that question relates to a different problem…