Undocumented changes in Writer 7.6.x

Just upgraded from 7.5.x to and noticed undocumented changes. I checked the release notes before asking. Here are what I found:

  • configuration of menu View is partially reset: text and table boundaries are cleared (though they were enabled prior to upgrade); “section boundaries” is new (perhaps this is the cause of the reset)
  • paragraph style Text Body is changed to Body Text
    Why such a change? It has a big impact on the order in which the styles are listed and makes this style less immediately accessible (it was previously the last one in hierarchical view). It also obsoletes many answers on AskLO.
  • similarly Indented Text Body is changed to Body Text, Indented

I admit that Text Body was perhaps less than optimal to convey the idea of main discourse (Body is the leading word) but Body Text seems to me worse because the leading word is now generic Text and Body Text, literally “text for the body” makes little sense (please, native English speakers, comment from a grammatical point of view).

Are there other undocumented changes that I have not yet discovered? I use a very lean stripped down UI (because I am style-inclined) and there may be “important” changes in the menus.

EDIT 2023-11-14

Here are two more undocumented changes:

  • Tools>Chapter Numbering changed to Tools>Heading Numbering
    Minor indeed, because word “heading” is more generic than “chapter” (which is only one usage of headings among many) but quite disturbing when you’re looking for the menu name
  • when headings are collected in a TOC, all initials spaces are removed in the TOC entry
    This change is welcome for many of my documents because I cheat with spaces in the separators around the number to achieve special visual effects in the headings, but this was detrimental in the TOC. Now I have a more satisfactory look for my TOCs. However, I wonder if this breaks ordinary documents without my dirty trick.

from [EN] to [DE]
Before 7.6 Text Body was “Textkörper”.
As of 7.6, Body Text is “Fließtext”.
I think “Fließtext” makes more sense in [DE].

I am not aware of any other major changes at the moment.

You can look it up in ReleaseNotes/7.6.

See tdf#154933 – Rename “Text body” to “Body text”.

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