Unicode Character / Next line in Heading Numbers

I am trying to create the below Chapter header layout in Libre Office with the chapter number and name on two lines.

I searched around and I came accross two solutions. One as I had guessed was to put a Next line Character after the Chapter number and the other was using a really long Tab Space.
Both solutions are here Chapter Name and Number fields

Although the Second Solution works I find the First one a better way to do it. However i was not able to implement it.

Here is what is happening. When I enter Alt+0013 the Outline Numbering Window closes. When i tried to right click and enter Special Character I am unable to change the font(Font is Segoe UI). Also nothing happens when i select the First Chracter U+0010.

Thanks a lot in advance.

The document is not structured by special characters but by tags. To get a line break us shift+enter. That will insert the needed tag. If you are curious how it looks like, you can save the document in “Flat XML ODF” (.fodt) and look at it with an editor. You will notice <text:line-break/> for the line break. That is similar to <br/> in HTML.

I don’t think this is the right answer because the line break will also appear in the TOC. I don’t know how to request a newline in Outline & Numbering settings. Maybe inserting a tabulation after the number (when there is no valid tab after the number so that it skips to next line).

After fiddling with Outline & Numbering and Heading 1, the best I could achieve would keep the chapter number and the first letter of the title on the first line. Other settings give the number on its own line, the first letter of the title on the next and the rest of the title on the following line.

I am afraid that there is presently no means to prevent the newline from appearing in the TOC.

Hi ajlittoz, the position of Shift+Enter will become a space in the TOC. There is no new line in the TOC. If you want to have it like in the image, which nithin has provided, than you need to right-align the paragraph in addition.

@Regina: thanks, my comment was erroneus on that point, but the issue is about automatic line break insertion because it is not convenient to add it afterwards when you have a lot of chapters

Hallo Regina,

I can manually Shift+Enter ever time a new Chapter Begins. But thats not a very good way to do it when there are a lot of chapters. As Ajlittoz mentioned, I too couldnt figure out a way to request a new line in Outline and Numbering.

But i figured it would be a nice to have this as a Default Feature in the Position tab under Followed by. Currently there is Tab Space, Nothing and Space. I thought it shouldnt be difficult to add it there. So I tried searching for this in the Source Code. But sadly I wasnt successful in figuring how it is implemented. If someone could help me and teach how to implement this, I would be really greatful. Would surely contribute more code in the future.

I, too, would like to have such a formatting possibility.

I am also interested is experimenting inside the source code but I guess this is a HUGE piece. Without any high-valued tutorials, I’m afraid of being like a blind mind in a gallery on a moon-less night.