Uninstalling language packs?

How to uninstall language packs?

Edit: Sorry, I’ve forgotten to mention that I’m on Mac. Meanwhile I’ve deleted LibreOffice.app and downloaded it again (without the language packs I don’t need). I just wonder if there’s not an easier way to remove language packs…

I am not sure if languages get uninstalled when you reinstall LO. Worst case you have to uninstall LO complete and reinstall customize it and select only the languages you need. Size wise LO with all languages uses about 1GB, a few languages around 300MB to 500MB.

  1. LO is installed. Run the installation again, select “Modify”. In the customize section unselect all languages and user interface languages, then select the few you want/need. Click Install.

  2. if 1) does not work, uninstall LO (keep your settings if asked). Run the installation file again and select “Customize” instead of “Typical”. And then same proceadure as under 1).

Good Luck

If you are using Linux, it may uninstall them after uninstalling the main program, but you can find them as:

dpkg -l | grep libreoffice-l10n

And it will list the installed ones, than you can remove them, like this:

sudo apt-get purge libreoffice-l10n*

Or one by one, with that full name.

There is no uninstallation of languagepacks on Mac. They are installed by extracting an archive with the corresponding files into the LibreOffice-Application folder. The Installer is only used to find/pick the LibreOffice-Application.
If you want to manually uninstall, you have to delete the files that are included in the archive. But deleting the LO and copying back from the dmg probably is faster & easier.

But there’s no need to uninstall languagepacks really. They use diskspace, but apart from that they don’t take resources.

Sure there is need. If you often have to switch between a few languages (for me: three) having to locate these in the endless language list a major pain in the ass (sorry). Being offered many never-to-be-used locales for these languages makes things even worse. To sum it up, it’s a usability question.

“But there’s no need to uninstall languagepacks really. They use diskspace, but apart from that they don’t take resources.” You do know what the “libre” part of LibreOffice means don’t you? It means that you have control over the software on your computer and what it does rather than your software trying to control you. Please don’t ever make such a statement again.

Do you realize how long it takes Debian Sid to download and install each of the language packs that I don’t need? What if I’m on a slow internet connection. What if I’m connecting via satellite and I’m paying for my bandwidth? What if I’m on a resource-constrained device? There are infinite reasons to not want this large feature or that.

I don’t need to waste the 1.) bandwidth, 2.) disk space, 3.) time to install and update them.