"Unknown Author"

I am trying to edit my document. Halfway through this process, and with no action on my part, every keystroke suddenly begins to produce a box which says: “Unknown Author” and thereafter, every single keystroke has to be validated by right clicking the keystroke, waiting for the menu, and clicking on “Accept Changes”. I am trying to get my work done and this is making me bonkers!!!

Why can’t I edit my own document? I can the first half, and then suddenly this happens, and I haven’t changed anything!

It seems you accidentally activated the tracking of changes. Check if that’s the case in Edit → Track Changes.

Okay, found it, and in fact the check box is under File/Properties, and one of the tabs. It was checked, but I never checked it. It checked itself halfway through editing, When I opened the file to find the box, the file was locked, but again I never locked it! This new version (I just updated) is making decisions by itself!


The origin of the “Unknown Author” problem is the lack of a “User Name” which is associated with your document. Go to "settings/LibreOffice/User. Then, enter your name under first/last/nickname … presto, you are no longer an Unknown Author!

Next, you will need to “fix” the “changes” which are still associated with “Unknown Author”. To do this, you can cut the out the “changes” which have not yet been confirmed. Then, paste them back in, and the text is now associated with your Username. In order to preserve the Track Change assignments, you will have to selectively paste and accept each cocerned set of words.