Update linked data source in calc

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Long time fan of libreoffice but only recently decided to get serious and a noob question to break the ice.

I have a postgresql database that I use for work and am tired of trying to get data exported out of it and into spreadsheets for analysis. I have linked to the database with base, then have been able to get the contents of a table into a spreadsheet via the drag and drop method using the data source manager (Ctrl-Shift-F4). This is awesome to see as I’ve had to deal with 3rd party programs and stuff in the past.

While playing around I tried to filter the database table a bit before the drag-n-drop and it asked “Do you want to replace the contents of Import1?”

So I guess my question is, if the spreadsheet is aware that the data in the sheet is from an import, is there a way to have it update automatically? ( rather than have to drop and cross my fingers nobody has added fields or anything like that.)

does this Q&A answer your question?

The database range should be defined in Menu/Data/Define range, if so, go to anywhere in that range and use Menu/Data/Refresh range

  1. Click any single cell in the import range and call menu:Data>Refresh
  2. In menu:Data>Define… you find an option to not save imported data in the spreadsheet. You will be prompted for refresh when loading the spreadsheet document.
  3. Highly experimental: [Tutorial] Using registered datasources in Calc (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum
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