Update to LO 7.4 - Macros have disappeared in Calc

I had a disk crash and have loaded LO 7.4 onto a new machine and simply copied my data files from a back-up.
In Calc I had written Macros under a previous version.
I seem to have lost all the macros.

Unfortunately I cannot go back to the old system disk.

I was running Windows 10 and now running Windows 11.

From my research on the Net I think unfortunately that the macros were somewhere in my profile and so it looks that I will have to start from scratch on my macros.

I would be grateful if someone could confirm my thoughts. It would also be useful for the future to know what files to safeguard to ensure that all functionality is kept in the case of a disk crash.

Windows users trust in God and never run any backup programs.

Some of us do :wink:

You can try using a data recovery software on the drive where you previously installed LO
With any luck, if the part of the disk where your old profile was not overwritten you can recover something
Some time I had reset my profile losing all the macros contained, it took me a long time but I recovered almost everything
See here

If the macros where stored in the MyMacros container (as proposed by default by LibreOffice), then they are stored within the user’s profile folder, Basic subdir.
It is strongly advised to save the user’s profile directory, for the reason you’re experiencing. This also helps reinstalling the LibreOffice settings in a new installation.

The question is, if you can read some contents of the old system disk, even when booting is not possible.
This can be tested for example with a small rescue-linux booting from usb-stick.
Generally: A lot of stuff issaved by Windows programs in the APPDATA folder - in a running system found via %APPDATA%, what you can even type as a foldername in Windows-Explorer. Typical Location is C:\Users{yourUsername}\AppData.
So this folder should always be part of backups. ( Recently rescued the locally saved emails from thunderbird from a non-booting laptop for example). LibreOffice profile or bookmarks from mozilla are other examples…)
If the disk is not readable at all, you can only check, if you did a complete backup of your disk sometime…

My Macros & Dialogs Library…

StandardExportImport_en.odt (91.3 KB)
Instructions from the famous author right in the document file.

…and all files of your projects.

I read your message and immediately backed up my library. I’m about to upgrade to version 7.4. I advise everyone to do the same.