Updated Changes to Libre Office

IF I am using Libreoffice (Anything, Writer, Calc, and/or Presentation “Impress”) and my computer ‘sleeps’, when I TRY (Keyword there is “TRY”!!!) to go back to any of those I HAD open they won’t open. IF I try and restart Libreoffice comepletely, I get the followign 3 Error Codes:

A): “soffice.bin - System Error” “The code execution cannot proceed because libcurl.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem”

B): “soffice.bin - Sytem Error” “The code execution cannot porceed because nss3.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem”

C): “soffice.bin - Sytem Error” “The code execution cannot porceed because nspr4.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem”

These problems ALL started when my Liberoffice ‘updated’. I have uninstalled my version, and instlled LibreOffice 24.2.1. SAME thing. I unstalled it and then tried downloading LibreOffice 7.6.5. SAME ISSUE!!!

WHAT IS GOING ON?? There are OTEHR issues that have arisen since that first ‘update’ was performed that has RUINED “Impress”. Such as I used to be able to have the ‘outline’ veiw where you can see all your pages on the left side, the slide you are working on in the center (LARGE) and tools on the right side. NOW, you have to “GO TO” the outline view to pick a slide to work on, THEN you have to change it to ?“NORMAL” view in order to do anything ON that slide. If you want to say, copy something from one slide to another you have to:

  1. Start in “normal view”
  2. Change to “Outline View”
  3. Pick the slide you want to copy from
  4. copy or work on that slide
  5. Change to Outline View
  6. pick the slide you want to paste to
  7. change to “normal view”
  8. paste you clipboard and continue work

BEFORE the update you would see the program in 'outline view, BUT you could work on the slide you were on. If you wanted to change slides, you just clicked on the slide to the left and go to that slide. Change or get what you need, then click on the slide you wanted to go back to. WHATEVER you changed, IT STINKS!!!

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If you are on Windows, this might help with troubleshooting, Windows 11 keeps crashing and/or not returning from sleep mode

You appear to have inadvertently closed the side pane, click View > Side Pane to display it.

The Impress Guide might be helpful, download from Documentation - The Document Foundation Wiki

As your mentioning of .dll hints you seem to be on some Windows, but usually there is no autoupdate on Windows. As you seem to have no clue, why this updated, check who or what updated the system.
Problems arise often, if your(?) security system is not aware of the updated software and blocks it completely/partly.
A typical oversight of people reinstalling is the user-profile (hidden by Windows rules), wich is kept during re-install. So an error in the profile persists after new install. Try safe-mode first or directly rename the profile…

Good thing. Follow the smell to find the source wich caused the (unwanted?) update.

This is definitely not a LibreOffice problem. Your OS does funny things. At this point, Windows is reading stuff on its storage, and loads it to memory. It sees it needs a DLL, and searches for it. It (and “it” is Windows, not LibreOffice!) doesn’t find the file. And tells you that.

But isn’t it strange, that your OS can’t find a file after a sleep, that is there, which it will happily find after a reboot? There is no way how LibreOffice update could affect how Windows can find files on disk. But a problematic state of OS disk access after a sleep perfectly could.

An update? It might as well be a Windows update. Which sometimes makes changes to the (very complicated, rich for problems) sleep mode handling. Or it could be a (motherboard?) driver update (which is definitely something closely related to sleep mode handling).