UpdateDocMode::NO_UPDATE not working for microsoft office extension files??

when microsoft office extension file is loaded with UpdateDocMode::NO_UPDATE descriptor it updates data when new link is referenced while for ods files data does not get updated, a zero is placed in place of link if new data is referenced for ods files.

@rv: This looks very much relevant to this comment by @Garima. Unfortunately, both that comment, and your question, lack steps to reproduce (specific macro code? specific mouse clicks?)

Do you expect others to try to invent themselves what you already have at hand, just to help you, with the risk of doing something differently (and not see what you see), and with the risk of seeing the same results but considering them OK and not realizing that you expect something else, and overall with risk of just wasting time? please try to be helpful to those who you are asking for help.

Also this question is relevant (some housekeeping to keep duplicates together).

here is the code snippet:
Sequence LoadArgs(1);
LoadArgs[0].Name = OUString(“UpdateDocMode”);
LoadArgs[0].Value = (Any)(short)UpdateDocMode::NO_UPDATE;

Reference lComponentLoader(mxDesktop,UNO_QUERY);

Reference lComponent =


I even reimplemented this as a StarBasic macro (so that others could check it), because - well, your “snippet” is basically useless.

Sub LoadAFile(oURL As String)
	Dim oArgs(0) As New com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue 
	Dim oDoc
		oArgs(0).Value= com.sun.star.document.UpdateDocMode.NO_UPDATE
		oDoc = StarDesktop.LoadComponentFromUrl(oURL, oURL, com.sun.star.frame.FrameSearchFlag.CHILDREN, oArgs())
End Sub

So what now? Can you please try to think what others will do with your data? what specifically do I need to check? if the link should be a OLE link? a cell reference? a DDE? to another document of same type? of another type? whatever?

Don’t you think that it would be nice to prepare a test set zip with all the required files, and with the macro, and with descriptions like “using LO version XXX on OS YYY, I see this in A1 with file ABC (which is what I need), but that in file MNO (unexpected)”?