Updating pivot table data range

This is a follow-up question to Daily statistics

I’m using LibreOffice Calc on MacOS Yosemite, all English.

I have a very simple data set: column A is a date-time (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) and column B is a quantity (number). I have created a pivot table with date-time as a rowfield, average quantity as datafield, and grouped data by day. I have also created a line graph based on the pivot table output.

My data set has since grew: the pivot table was created using a data range of A1.B1:A100.B100, it now contains data up to A200.B200. I want two things:

  1. Update my pivot table to consider this new data range
  2. Update the graph to consider the updated pivot table data

I could obviously recreate both the pivot table and graph, but I would like this to be easier. Can this be done otherwise?

Thanks again!

For the pivot table:
Right click on the PT
Select edit layout
Expand Source and Destination
Change the last row of the selection

For the graph, please take a look in: how-to-adjust-a-x-and-y-axis-ranges-on-a-chart-created-in-calc

edited: 2015-07-04

The best for PT is use ranges with name, they are easy to modify, and set up the option:
Menu/Tools/LibreOffice calc/General - Expand references when new columns rows are inserted

The use of range names allow to have two PT with different configuration on the same data.

Works like a charm, thanks. Can we push this a step further: as soon as a new row is added to the raw data set, could the pivot table be automatically updated? Something like a dynamic data range?