Use a Java runtime env can't be disabled

In this forum, I’ve read that LibreOffice doesn’t require Java and that the option “Use a Java runtime environment” (under LibreOffice > Advanced), can be disabled. However, unchecking this and clicking [Apply] causes it to be re-checked. After unchecking and checking [OK] causes it to show re-checked the next time the dialogue it is opened.

I avoid Java-based solutions. Is Java required or not? And, if not, how do you disable this?

If you avoid java based software you should simply don’t have java on your system. (You didn’t tell anything on it - I will not guess).
LibreOffice don’t need Java, but the default database is using java. Use Sqlite, Firebase etc instead. Use odbc, as jdbc will not be possible. The report -builder of base is written in java, so you may have to use anoter way for reports.

Let me be more clear on what I’m trying to understand. I use multiple computers on both Linux and Windows. I’m considering moving to LibreOffice (from using MS Office under Windows) but I don’t want a replacement that relies upon Java (and, thus, would have to install Java on my Windows computers).

Based upon your response, it seems I would not have to install Java but that I wouldn’t be able to use the report-builder which does rely upon Java. Is this correct?

You can’t use HSQLDB and you can’t use any of the Base wizards. The latter are useless anyway with the exception of the report wizard. And you can’t use any of the Java extensions. Being neurotic about Java makes no sense. Since 25 years Java is an extremely useful platform on top of all the other platforms.
The screenshot shows a disabled LibreOffice JRE on a Windows platform (German UI language).

Yes. The report-builder, now integrated in LibreOffice was once an extension to be installed separately.
As one can just drag queries to Calc-Tables and there are other report-engines (wich have their own caveats) it is possible to do without java. I have java installed (actually Coretto, because of the license) so I’m not concerned to much on the language of extensions.
I guess reducing java is one force behind the integration of firebase…

@Villeroy > Being neurotic about Java makes no sense.<
No need to editorialize or assume why I don’t want Java. For context, I’ve worked in DevOps for over 30 years writing and testing software, building and managing systems. My reasons have nothing to do with being “neurotic”. I choose to keep my systems uncluttered and I have never liked the Java environment. Like everything else, it is a choice, and it is my choice.

But thank you for the information and for showing the image. It is odd that, on my Linux system, the checkbox will not remain unchecked. But, it seems moot to my primary question.

Thank you for that info.f

Edit the < enabled > node in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config/javasettings_Linux…xml


@mikekaganski Thanks for that. I’d not seen the FAQ but will now check it first. Very new to LibreOffice and searches for references mostly pointed to this forum.