Use only styles and write CO<sub>2</sub> correct

I would like to use only styles in LibreOffice. To ensure that I select all my text and uses Ctrl +M. All, by mistake used manual formatting, will be removed. This works fine.

In my text I use often CO2 or better CO2. This work also fine. But this seems to be part of manual formatting. When using Ctrl + M I lost my proper writing of Carbon dioxide.

I found Bulk replace all instances of CO2 with CO<sub>2</sub> but this also uses manual formatting.

I also use superscript like 109, which is of course a similar problem.

I would like to use only styles, and the proper writing of Carbon dioxide. Is that possible? If so, how?

Here is three tips:

  1. You can use the real sub- and superscript characters of the UNICODE character sets.

CO₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉ 10⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹

The full featured fonts (like DejaVu font family) has real sub- and superscript numbers an letters (unfurtunately not all of latin letters).

This is the best solution for the Calc application.

2.: You can adjust and use the Autocorrect feature: it will substitute the “words”: CO2 to CO₂ when you type-in it.

3.: In the Writer application you use same method, or you can create, adjust and apply some user defined Character Styles for the shifted characters in a sentence/paragraph.

I use the font Liberation Serif, which does not have such UNICODE characters. But a user defined Character style does work. It is, compared compared to the superscript en subscript button quite a lot of work. My work-around is to make a help LibreOffice document and copy the desired combinations of character sets like CO2

Linux Libertine G might be a suitable font, the size and appearance is very similar (not exact) to Liberation Serif but it has a rather larger set of subscript and superscript characters

Works for me with Liberation Serif without any problems.

Write CO2082 and press Alt + x, 2082 becomes subscript 2.

Highlight CO₂ and go to Tools → AutoCorrect → AutoCorrect Options ...

image description

Superscript and Subscript Numbers

@EarnestAl I have already a quite long document, and on this moment I would not like to change. I know, with styles, it should be easy to change. It should be, but in practice still nasty things may appear. Maybe a good suggestion for someone who start a new document.

@PKG I tried and the Alt + x option works, but the number 2 is a bit different than when using the style option. The auto-correct option does not work for me. The auto-correct function can not work with superscript. 109 is s a valid value, an LO can not know when I mean 109 or indeed 109

I just see there are already “standard” suggestions for replacements.