Vector format from Inkscape

I have now tried saving in all formats in Inkscape. None of them can be read in LO Draw.

How do I convert vector drawings in Inkscape into a vector format that LO can read?

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LO version:
Inkscape: 0.91

Inkscape has an item “Save a copy” in its File menu. Suitable file formats are

  • odg (OpenDocument). Use Insert > File to get it into LO Draw. That options works in 0.48 (tried with portable), but fails with 0.91 and 0.92 (tried with portable).
  • svg Use “Plain”-svg not “Inkscape”-svg. Inkscape-svg adds a lot of elements in a special namespace, which do not belong to the svg standard and are ignored by LibreOffice. Use Insert > Image to get it into LO Draw. You cannot work directly on the elements of the svg-file. If you want to edit some parts, that is only possible, if you “break” it. But then it is no longer a svg-graphic.
  • wmf. That works in 0.92 but fails in 0.48. Same as svg, Insert > Image, you need to “break” it to edit parts of it.

I made a file in Inkscape 0.91 and saved it in various vector-capable formats (.svgz [Inkscape/Plain], .eps, .pdf, .odg and .wmf). The file contains live text, transparent objects, objects with strokes and not, a “tweaked” object, an object “spray”, two spirals, a mesh object and two diagram lines with different styles. All were opened by LO Draw, but not one survived the translation intact, ironically the .odg being the least faithful. If anyone is interested in my test files, let me know.

Please make sure, that the export of Inkscape is correct. For example open the files in other image or vector graphic processing application or viewer like browsers or in Acrobat Reader for pdf respectively. If you find, that the export from Inkscape is correct, than write a bug report and attach the test file there. Please make test files which have only 1 problem. If the export is faulty, you should report it to Inkscape.

I checked my Inkscape export settings and opened the files in other applicable programs. They all fared more or less like LO, with varying (but differing) degrees of accuracy. But I don’t want to turn this into a bughunt. Ole Tange, have you resolved your import problem? If your goal is just to import from Inkscape to LO, I think .pdf is probably your best bet. If editability is important, then be prepared to lose some fidelity in any of the exported vector formats.