Vector graphics (SVG) not 100% identical/precise in prints and generated PDFs


sorry if this is considered cross posting, as I started an identical thread in the german forums, which - as I just noticed - is probably not used by a lot of people.

I stumbled upon some odd behaviour when printing and/or generating PDFs from documents containing vector graphics (SVG in this case). I’d like to check with you guys here before filing a real bug report, just in case I’m missing something.

I’m using the latest LO-version ( x86_64) on Windows 7 x64.

When inserting an SVG file into a document (I tried this with Writer and Draw) and generating a PDF from that (either with LO’s internal function or with FreePDF as a printer), that SVG is still a vector graphic in the PDF, however it appears kind of jagged and unprecise, as if the Bézier node positions and values were approximated.

I investigated a bit further and had a look at the nodes in Inkscape, comparing the original SVG to the generated PDF: Some of the smooth nodes are converted to cusp nodes and vice versa, resulting in deviations that (depending on form and scale) go from slight / barely visible to clearly visible and ugly. Furthermore the nodes don’t seem to be at the exact same coordinates.

To me it almost seems like vector graphics are rasterized and then vectorized again when printing or generating a PDF. Is this really the case? If so: Why?

If this isn’t the case and this is actually a bug, I could provide more information like screenshots, sample files etc.

  1. That’s OK to post here, because that gets visible to different people.
  2. The vector doesn’t get rasterized of course; still, there is transformation on the route; and LO support for SVG isn’t ideal. Feel free to submit a bug report with clear definition, sample file, and results (in form of screenshots, PDFs etc).

Thanks for the answer. I experimented a bit more, but couldn’t find any workaround, so I filed a detailed bug report:

I also found this problem mentioned elsewhere: