Version: (x64) ALWAYS crashes with search and replace

Version: (x64) ALWAYS crashes when I use search and replace and sometimes when I use search. What can I do?

There was the same question in German section of this site and installing LibreOffice fixed the problem.

I heard from a developer that LO 6.3.x has lots of problems. The best solution is to upgrade to a newer version.

@anon73440385: Good answer, but can you provide the link? I’m not sure this question needs to be closed as duplicate since it is in a different language,

@jimk - sure (but my answer is in German) - Calc stürzt beim Suchen ab.

From Google Translate

Question: As soon as I search for something in a Calc, it crashes. The file is 376 KB in size. I am using LibreOffice version with Catalina version 10.15.5. C: \ fakepath \ Caches.ods

Answer: LibreOffice also crashes on Linux when I search for something in your file, but not in LibreOffice Calc does not crash under macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and LibreOffice either .

So I advise you to update to 6.4.4 (.2) ( don’t forget full disk access for

Comment: Hello, thank you! LibreOffice is installed and the search works again.