Videos inserted to impress are garbled

This appears to be related to an upgrade to Ubuntu 22-04, but probably requires some tweak to LO to make it work. Since upgrading, every time I insert any video the slide becomes a black mess, and impress hangs. When I run an old presentation with embedded videos, the video is blacked out, and impress hangs. However, I have run previous version of Ubuntu with Appimage, and I now observe the same behaviour there too.

Ubuntu 22-04 and others

@Hrbrgr I’ve not come across the behaviour you describe and I’m not familiar with windows. Some time ago, I had a problem with transition sounds disappearing when re-opening the file, but it solved itself with a new version of LO.

My problem seems to have been solved by reformatting the hard drive and re-installing Ubuntu. A bit radical! I’d still like to know what happened.

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I would definitely advise keeping an eye on the hardware and making regular backups.