VLOOKUP between many sheets

In sheet 1 I have 4 columns (A is empty , B,C,D)
in sheet 2 I have 3 columns (A,B,C)
in sheet 3 I have 3 columns (A,B,C)
in sheet 4 I have 3 columns (A,B,C)

how use VLOOKUP:
in sheet 1 B15=”Smith”
if (in sheet 2 AND sheet 3 AND sheet 4) not exist “Smith” in column A THEN in sheet 1 , A15 still empty.
if (in sheet 2 AND sheet 3 AND sheet 4) find “Smith” in column A then take the city from column B and put in the sheet 1 in column A (A15=”London”)

thank you for your attention

Hello “City” is in column B of which sheet and it is really right (same row) of “Smith” in that sheet? And please specify the number of rows (the ranges) of your various sheets filled with data; otherwise any answer would reguire A:D in any range specification and thus blowing up the search, match or lookup ranges.

(For me your question sounds more or less like a How to use IF question than a VLOOKUP question)

Hi, have a look at the attached,
Sheet1 column D using INDEX/MATCH gets the “City” from sheet 2, column C.

Sheet1 columns D,E and F show if there is a MATCH in sheets 2,3 and 4, you then can use the results to do any checks you wish, i.e. if all 3 results are greater than 0 there is a match to each sheet, any 0 then no match.LOQ_20190810.ods