Was the Calc comment box ever fixed?

I’d have thought this would be a simple fix, but it’s been borked for years…you can’t move or resize the comment box. Was this ever fixed? My version is pretty current but not the latest…but not into downloading and installing new if it’s still not fixed

Was it ever broken? Moving and resizing a comment box works perfectly fine after it has been activated / clicked once. It then behaves like any other graphic object with handles to resize and drag&drop moves. It only is not enabled while editing the comment.

What version do you have? I have 7.4.3 and it’s never worked over this and several previous versions.


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Oh you have to “show” it to tweak it? Thanks for the clarification…though why it’s that way I can’t imagine…who wants comments “showing?” That goes against the whole point of having the feature in the first place. But again, thanks for the info.

This is tdf#68695.