Ways to group multiple items under categories

I have a list of categories and items to include on the same row as those categories, but they are in a separate row and marked by numbers in another row. See uploaded .ods file for what I’m talking about.

Is there a way to check the number in the E column against the number in the A column and put all items for the corresponding D column into a cell together?
I was starting off trying something like =IF($E2=A$2, $D2, 0) and dragging it down and to the right.

Also considering using something along the lines of =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(E2+1; 2))

sort example.ods

With the function Textjoin()

=TEXTJOIN(", ",1,IF($E$2:$E$13=G2,$D$2:$D$13,""))

(Matrix formula ► End input with Ctrl + Shift + Enter)


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Great! That does the trick. I never knew about that function.