Website Bug: Multiple languages

When I signed up for a new LibreOffice account using my email address, the Google Captcha was in German. When I visited the questions page at for the first time, I saw a banner at the top in Spanish (?), saying: “Bem-vindo à comunidade brasileira do LibreOffice!” I’m in the United States and am not using a VPN or anything special. I only speak English, so it’s unlikely anything is oddly configured on my computer.

piggybacking here to report another / related problem often encountered from simple google search, the result goes to random language (and also random version)

for example : “libreoffice help autofilter” gives in order


(being in French, the second makes total sense)

I’m no expert in

but seems they only refrence “latest”.
how come 6.x get such high rankings ?

I’d welcome directions trying to help improve in the matter :wink: