Weirdness when trying to print from LO Writer?

When I write a document in Writer, everything looks great.
When I go to “preview”, the document looks great.
However, when I then hit “print”, the document is somehow flipped from portrait to landscape, and that is how it prints.
I have tried setting all the printer parameters to “portrait”, and have set the preferences in LO to portrait, but the switch to landscape persists.

If I save the document as a MS Word format, and use the Apple “Pages” app to print, it works OK in “preview” and prints as it should when I hit “print”. Thus, it appears that LO Writer is the only app that this happens in.

I am using an iMac, High Sierra OS, and the printer is an Epson Workforce WF-2750.

I prefer LO Writer, and would very much like to resolve whatever may be causing this document format flip.

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