What is a small grid in an upper left corner of Writer documents?


When I open many of my existing .odt Writer documents, I see a kind of a small grid in an upper-left corner of a page, like that (in this screenshot I removed the old text and typed the one shown now):

Back when I created those documents (using an older version of LibreOffice), it wasn’t present. What is this grid (that is, how it is called), and how could I hide it?

Note: it seems like some kind of a symbol that I can delete, but I would like to remove it without having to edit all my old documents.

Now I am using version

Please specify your operating system and the file format used.
And upload a sample file here (not a screenshot). Thank you.

I am on linux. It is the standard .odt format (‘ODF Text Document’), attached.
test.odt (10.5 KB)

They are bookmarks:
You can make them invisible with View > Bookmarks (Ctrl+F8).
Or you can delete them with Insert > Bookmarks and select and delete them all in the dialog.

And switch off “Track changes for bookmarks” in the Navigator.


Thanks, now that I know the correct term, I have been able to find out why bookmarks suddenly appeared in old documents: according to the release notes, it seems that an option to show bookmarks appeared in version 7.0, and this option is turned on by the default. In other words, bookmarks were in the document from the beginning (probably because I copy/pasted text from web, and apparently it is possible that this action can create bookmark as well), but became visible only now.

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