What Tool Can Be Used To Easily Create "Lined Notebook" and Export it as a PDF file

I tried to create a “Lined Notebook” with 25 rows per page using Writer → Table but the problem is that there’s no way to adjust the height of the row, only width is adjustable.

I tried to select “Manual” option in Table properties and set the height manually by dragging the “notch” at the left “Ruler”. That seemed to work but It would be crazy do that with 100 pages and also by resizing the height that way would result uneven height of each row.

So what’s the appropriate or best tool to use to create such document?

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Most simple: Use Calc.
Row height can be set for all rows or ranges and all to adjust then is borders of the cell to show only bottom border.

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I suppose @mp_2023_hohoho wants to make a “physycal” notebook. Then design a single page and asl the print dialog for 100 copies so that “It would not be crazy do that with 100 pages”. Unless of course you want to number your sheets.

My suggestion, would be to use “underline” over font effect. This will:

  • The line will always be exactly below the text.
  • This works with any font size.
  • You use normal continuous text.

Disadvantage: The line does not always go to the edge

95923 HB Text unterstrichen.odt (35,7 KB)

Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
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Calc: CL threaded