What triggers comment notifications here?

I never get notified of my own comments, and therefore can’t find the answer by testing.

I sometimes get a long series of notifications concerning the basically same comment, where obviously only minor editing, if any, distinguishes the versions.

Is this due to a missed enabling of the option minor edit (don't send alerts) by the author?
If so:
Why isn’t used the term “notification” in place of “alert” to make things clear? (Principle of maximum obscurity again?)

Is a notification sent to other users despite that option having been enabled under certain conditions?
If so:
What are these conditions?
What additional user (author) action, if any, can suppress unwanted notifications?

If applicable: What’s the actual meaning of the term “alert” in the context?

Also (slightly OT): Notifications of a series of versions of an answers only minimally different can also be annoying, particularly if some considerations induced the author to post huge-are images.

Different related software suppresses notifications if the notified user didn’t visit the topic since the previous notification. Due to the non-chronological concept of Q&A there are disadvantages, of course.

Just for testing: I send this one, then will make a couple of edits with “minor” flag set, so that you may see if the flag has effect.

Edit 1 (“minor” set).

Edit 2 (“minor” set).

Thanks. I hoped a clever guy would do exactly this.
I was notified three times.

Open question: What’s an alert as used in the comment editor?

@Lupp, The yellow button near the top of page, says Follow or Following? I haven’t tested it now, by I think that own questions, by default get the Following status. Turn it to Follow, and then we can try with editing a comment.