When I change line spacing the document text disappears

This is a really strange one. Adjusting the space between lines is important. Lately, however, when I highlight some text and, using the Paragraph formatting option, choose a different line spacing (this morning it was double space) the text simply disappears. I was able to recover by clicking the undo arrow, but I need to be able to set my document to double space for a while so I can finish some editing.

I’m using Libre Writer on Ubuntu Linux 20.04.

Any thoughts?

Definitely not normal behavior, and doesn’t happen to me on LO Can you upload a sample file that shows this problem? You can replace your text with some random text.

I think we have the same problem: Line spacing value "fixed" changes only line height(?)

@floris_v I added an example document in my thread.

I think that @jtreagan and @DarkTrick are not the same problem. Fixed line height does not take into account the font height. Double space line height changes when font size is changed.