Line spacing value "fixed" changes only line height(?)


when I set bullet points and change the line spacing to fixed, the line spacing doesn’t change, but the line height changes. Here’s an example:


Here’s a video showing what I do:

Here’s the file I’m doing this in:
line_spacing_fixed.odt (9.0 KB)

Is there some way to remedy the situation and tell Writer to not change the line height?

Version: / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 10(Build:2)
CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 5.11; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Ubuntu package version: 1:7.1.7-0ubuntu0.21.04.1
Calc: threaded

You applied direct formatting, and that makes the top of your text disappear. Remember that direct formatting overrides formatting in paragraph and character styles. Select the text, press Ctrl+M to remove the direct formatting. Then modify your paragraph style according to your needs.
And you should have posted that in your earlier question, Now we have two topics on the same problem.

Character height is 5mm, line spacing (from one line to same place on next line) is 2.5mm (0.1") so cropping is the only expected result.
Maybe you got your decimal point in the wrong place if you want line spacing of 10" (250mm)?

Better to leave line spacing at single (or one of the proportional settings) and maybe change below or above paragraph spacing

I added a video that shows I’m only changing line spacing:

Doesn’t help to set the settings via paragraph style. It’s broken in the same way.

To explain a little better: Your line spacing (equivalent to ruled lines on paper) has to be greater than character height.

You are using a font size of 10.5 points, there are 72 points to an inch therefore the line spacing has to be greater than 0.15 inch; you have set 0.10 inch. Why don’t you set line spacing to 0.25 inch (6.35mm)?

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I’ve been thinking that maybe your real question is “How do I get single line spacing in my bulleted list?”

You could press Ctrl+M to remove any direct formatting (will remove fixed spacing), then in the Sidebar under Properties, you could change the Below paragraph spacing from 0.25 to 0.0. You could further reduce the distance by changing line spacing to Single (or Spacing: 1).


Select your list and press Ctrl+M (as Floris_v said) to remove any direct formatting. Keeping the selection, open the side bar, click on Styles and find List paragraph style (sub style of Text Body). Right-click it and select Modify, in the dialogue box select Indents and Spacing tab and change line spacing and below paragraph style as before.

OK your changes, then double-click the modified style to apply it to your selection.
When you have finished your list, you will need to change the next paragraph style to Text Body

No. There is a display issue when text size is greater than line height. Please, see Maintaing line height in Writer constant regardless of formulas. - #14 by LeroyG.

Thank you very much for the exhaustive explanation!

“How do I get single line spacing in my bulleted list?”

That’s not my goal. I want to put the lines very, very close together. Here’s an example:


By the way, setting the line spacing to 1 looks like this:


(I had to make 3 posts, because this board does not allow more than 1 image for me)

You are using a font size of 10.5 points, there are 72 points to an inch therefore the line spacing has to be greater than 0.15 inch; you have set 0.10 inch. Why don’t you set line spacing to 0.25 inch (6.35mm)?

I understand, that the characters might vanish, but they should do so without without any spacing in between them (see left side of image below and compare to right side).


As already mentioned, set spacing above and below to zero. Also, reset line spacing to Single to avoid clipping the glyphs caused by an inconsistent forced line height.

You must also understand that font designers may also have included inside the glyph bounding box some spacing. This “internal” spacing can’t be eliminated by any Writer setting.

Look carefully at your various formattings. Direct formatting takes precedence over style formatting. Don’t mix them. Choose one or the other otherwise you’ll get unexpected results and you’ll blame Writer instead of you. Prefer styling: it is more predictable than direct formatting but it has the entry cost of learning it.

This will happen only in the edit and print preview window. No in the final (printed, PNG, JPEG or PDF) document.

LibreOffice, on Linux 4.12.

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Your below paragraph spacing is set to 0.1" which is why you see the large gap, reduce it to zero. You can set the fixed spacing to 0.35 before the cropping starts, see left side of image below

You can place letters over the top of each other by reducing line spacing in a text box but you can’t have bullets in a text box so add • (U+2022) and some spaces between to fake it, see right side of image below (fixed line spacing 0.2). Note that Text boxes are drawing objects and are outside of normal text.


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…and this is set in the Text Body Paragraph Style. So you, @DarkTrick, must change the Text Body Paragraph Style (F11 or menu Styles - Edit Style…), and set there Spacing Below paragraph: to 0.
Better than changing Text Body Paragraph Style: You can create a New Style that inherit from Text Body all settings but Spacing Below paragraph: and Line Spacing. See
line_spacing_fixed-LeroyG.odt (8.9 KB)

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That is great.
So, if text is not seen cropped in a Text Box, and in the edit window it is shown cropped, I think that this is a bug.
I can’t see a bug report about this issue.

Nearest I see is tdf#126514

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Your two left screenshots look difficult to mine; did you use another file (or exactly the one I provided?)

But anyway, the result is as you describe it: exported version does not have this problem, so I marked it as solution.
This seems to be a rendering bug.

I downloaded your file, and, before the screenshots, I changed Spacing Below paragraph to 0.

The file shared in a few comments up (Line spacing value "fixed" changes only line height(?) - #15 by LeroyG) includes a new paragraph style.