When I make a shape invisible in calc, it gets hidden in print preview. Why? (Edited)

I noticed that when I make a shape invisible programmatically via macros, it gets hidden from print preview as well, which is not expected. However the same thing does not happen for shapes in LO draw (ie shapes hidden from view come in the print preview). On debugging I realized that the object types used in both cases were different.

I also noticed when I hide a shape from printing it gets hidden when I print the file, but not when I Print preview it or export it as a pdf, which is inconsistent behaviour

These issues are not present in draw as mentioned before.

shape bug.ods

I have tested this out on OO 4.1.5 as well and this issue is also present there.

Can someone please verify this issue as well? If you are able to reproduce it, I will raise a bug.

I am using LO 6.3 on Mac OS 10.13.6.

Edit : The issue is different from what I explained earlier. I have modified the question and description to that effect and attached a file. I had incorrectly mentioned that the shape was hidden from printing. But the issue is not with printing but in print preview and export as pdf

Can someone please verify this issue as well? If you are able to reproduce it, I will raise a bug.

Please don’t ask someone here to repro before you do the right thing. As if the time of people who try to help people here is less valuable than time of people who will anyway spend time reproducing your filed bug. Don’t multiply the time spent on reproduction of the problem (first, someone here will do that, then someone on the bug tracker). Just go ahead and file it there.

Sure Mike, i will go ahead and raise a bug.

I understand that people here invest a lot of their valuable time in this forum helping the community solve their issues. I tend to want to be doubly sure before doing something raising a ticket. But like you said what I did doesn’t make sense nd I apologize for that.

I have raised a bug. Should I close this question @mikekaganski?