When I minimize one of two or more LibreCalc files I can't resize them back again. It seems like it is invisible.

When I minimize one of two or more LibreCalc files I can’t resize them back again, and can’t find it on the desktop in Linux Ubuntu 20.04. It seems like it is invisible, even tough I see the file on the icon panel. How to fix it ?

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@gabix is it better now or is it still too long ?

Yes, better now. Might be shorter though. Anyway, did you try Alt + Tab?

@gabix yes, but it doesn’t work. It seems like there is some bug with the minimizing window in Calc. If you don’t mind I will paste in here the link about this issue in other systems. There is also something about Linux in there, but Im rather bad with computer, so don’t get it how to fix it anyway… :frowning: Maybe you could help me, I would be very glad :slight_smile: Some programs (especially LibreOffice) open as a tiny windows · Issue #3281 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Unfortunately, I only can say I do not experience such a problem. But I use openSUSE Leap 15.1/KDE.

Have you seen this resource from Ask Ubuntu?

had a similar problem with debian / kali, think right-click on the task-bar icon and the de-minimize or similar brought back some very! small windows (barely more than the (x) to close them), but those could be enlaged by pulling borders or corners with the mouse …

@GrahamLees, now I have, thank you :slight_smile: Although I’m new to Linux and I’m not sure will that work on Ubuntu 20.04, if the hints are given for 19.04… but thanks a lot anyway :slight_smile: @newbie-02 I will check it when it will appear again, thanx :slight_smile: