When printing from in Writer it always prints landscape. How can I correct this?

I am using Writer in LibreOffice Vanilla Version: and no matter what page orientation I select it prints out in landscape. How can I correct this?

Suppose you are on Mac OS. I am not, and I cannot tell you how to solve the problem.
I just remember this older thread concerning the same problem. There wasn’t any answer , and nobody knows if there was a solution, and, if so, how it was achieved. In fact I do not remember a single case where a request concerning ‘Vanilla’ versions of LibO got a final solution in this forum.
Please be the first one in any case to report about your measures and how everything came out, even if you have to abandon LibO (what I do not expect).
Again without knowing anything about Mac: The libreoffice.org download system is offering a Mac variant of every new release and a still version, too, as a diskimage file (.dmg). So is the downloadarchive.documentfoundation.org of any release ever. Why go to the ‘appstore’? After all you haven’t to buy LibO.